Saturday, July 31, 2010

And she's off! I'm a little behind in blogging.  I guess it's time to get caught up on what's happening around here.
Last Friday my Dad came and spent the night.  On Saturday, he took Madelyn home to stay with them.  On Thursday when I told Madelyn she was going, she said she needed to pack and ran off.  I found her in her room packing her back-pack full of toys.  She claims that was all she needed and she was ready for Papa to come and get her now.  HAHA!  I convinced her I still needed to pack her some clothes and it would be a couple days.  She wasn't happy, but she obliged.  However, as soon as Papa was here and claimed he was ready...there was no way she was going to be left behind.

She has her back-pack full of toys, her baby, a purse, a hat and a stuffed flower.  What else does a girl need to travel?  :)

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