Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun with PJ....finally!

When P.J. was here for a week, we went to the Children's Museum with Mom's group. We had a really good time.

Our first stop was some fun with Curious George. Here is Madelyn giving me her best Monkey face.

Looks just like him, doesn't she?

We then headed to Playscape for some fun. David of course, was glued to the train table. You would think since we have one at home, he would take advantage of something else to play with...but no.

After lunch, we headed to see the dinosaurs. I think it's one of our favorite parts in the Museum. Madelyn is heading up an archaeological dig.

Hayden and Josiah sure enjoyed the dinosaurs too.

Hayden looks so much older here.

Josiah giving us his famous Josiah grin.

P.J. and I had to take a picture as proof we were there too. We couldn't let the kids have all the fun, now could we? And of course, in MySpace style, it's a self portrait!

Now, Heather S. as my witness, my kids have been terrified to ride the carousel for at least a year. I begged, pleaded, gotten in line.... and... right out of line every time we have gone to the Children's Museum with no success. Well, this time Madelyn decided she wanted to go with P.J. She had a blast and was so proud she rode a horse.

And guess what!? Watching Madelyn have such a great time, David decided he could ride the carousel too.

So... it's not a horse, but the bench is better than nothing, right? Come to think of it, why will he ride a real horse, but not a fake one on a carousel? Silly boy!

Finally, Madelyn enjoying the Old Fashioned Soda Shop. Anything to do with food for her. A girl after Mom's own heart...or tummy?

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