Monday, June 9, 2008

What you do with no kids....

1. Be spontaneous.
2. Decide to go to the community pool (for the first time since we've lived here I might add)
3. Be ready for the pool in 5 minutes, rejoicing you don't have swim diapers to find, 2 suits to wrestle on little bodies, 4 sandals to get on, a huge bag to pack with sunscreen, snacks, drinks, toys etc....
4. Arrive at the pool and jump right in because you can.
5. Lay on a beach chair and give a little grin every time a kids screams, just because they're not yours....
6. Stay as long as you want.
7. Leave without having to drag someone out kicking and screaming because they don't want to go.
8. Go home and get YOURSELF ready for dinner out.
9. Leave the house without having to tell a baby sitter how to reach you just in case.
10. Eat a nice quiet meat at Red Lobster in the bar area because you just don't want to be around other peoples children.
11. Stare at each other in disbelief because you just have to order for yourself.
12. Order something spontaneous (Way to go Daniel for trying seafood for the first time)

13. Stare at each other again because you don't know what to talk about.
14. Go to Wal-Mart and meander around aimlessly with no purpose in mind because you do not have children screaming to go to the toy aisle.
15. Go to the toy aisle and play anyway.
16. Ride bicycles around Wal-Mart (to test them of course)
17. Go home and lay in bed and watch TV until the wee hours
18. Sleep in for the first time in 3 years (11:00am)
19. Do nothing for the rest of the day just because you don't have to.

I've enjoyed my first day without the kids so far. 3 more to go. Thanks Daniel for braving Red Lobster. I had a great time.


Sarah said...

You DID NOT go to Wal Mart on your date!!! Tell me it isn't so!

Kim said...

I thought you said you were without kids

Painter el Cinco said...

It's all about the food don't ya know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I stopped by your site this morning and I was your 1000 visitor!

Becky said...

Yeah! I hit 1000....Thanks Diane! I will have to find something special for you.