Friday, June 13, 2008

Give me a break!!!

Well, the kids are back and they had a wonderful time at my parents house. I went on Thursday to go pick them up and we got back Friday evening. I was even able to spend some time visiting with my brother which is a rare occasion. It was good to see ya Phil. I forgot our camera so have no pics to post. Sorry.

Now, normally my blog is light-hearted and not a place where I rant and rave. However, I had something happen to me this evening I just need to get off of my chest. When we arrived home we surprised Daniel. He wasn't expecting us until tomorrow. He had already eaten supper and had some "maintenance" to do on the house, so the kids and I decided to go eat supper at McAllister's Deli. I had just spent 3 hours on the road and am battling a major head cold/allergies (itchy watery red eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose...the whole works) and so really wanted a nice quiet quick meal so we could go home and rest. I chose a booth in a very isolated part of the deli. As we started our meal 2 women came in and sat behind us. Now as a mother, I know that child birth is a proud moment. Some mother's look at each stretch mark as a badge of honor and remember each hour of labor as a rite of passage on the way to one of the most blessed professions a woman can attain. (I myself want a tummy tuck and could trade all 26 hours of labor combined for a much deserved cruise but WHATEVER!) Whichever way you want to look at this journey a woman has to go through, dinner time is not the place to talk about your birthing experience. Let's go back to home-ec class people and learn a little about some etiquette. I learned WAY too much about the 2 ladies behind me. I didn't need to hear about what fluids were coming out where and when. I didn't need to hear about what the doctor saw when he decided to finally check you. I didn't need to hear what you're scared about with this next child and I sure as heck didn't need to hear all of the details of your pushing experience. I was so thankful that my kids are not old enough to ask questions and so thankful my husband or any other man for that matter was not sitting close to me to hear that kind of talk. If you are one of those women that was sitting behind me and you happen to be reading this, please know that #1 you talk WAY too loud. #2 I don't care. And #3 keep it in the car or in the privacy of your own home. I just wanted to enjoy my McAllister Club. As John Stossel would say....Give me a break!

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