Monday, October 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Grasp

I just love 5 minute Friday!  Will you join us over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog?  

Five Minute Friday

5 minutes to write on one topic freely from the heart.  No editing, no over thinking, just pure joyous writing.

This week, the topic is Grasp.  Here goes:

I stood in line to see countless go before me.  Each one rose and conquered with smiles in the end.  "Hang on tight, you're in for quite a thrill ride."  I barely heard the warning as we began to ascend by line 17 stories into the air.  I had such a tight grasp on my friend, my knuckles were turning white.  I could barely open my eyes.  Fear had me gripped beyond anything I had ever known.  As the countdown began at three, I'm not sure I was even breathing.  Then he released and we began to swing over the park.  I barely heard his squeals of delight over mine of terror.

What has happened to me over the years?  Where has all of this fear come from?  Anxiety never before experienced can rear it's ugly head at the most awkward of times.  Instead of enjoying the Xtreme Skyflyer ride at King's Island, I felt like I barely survived it.  I regret this now.  Because in the end I conquered and there really was nothing to fear.

I wonder how often we grasp onto something in complete fear without allowing God to work it out in us.  He wraps His loving arms around us and whispers, "fear not my child, for I am with you."  Perfect love casts out all fear.  I can paraphrase so many verses where He promises fear of the world is not allowed in His presence.  The thing we have to do though, is let go and let Him work.

Right now, I have a dream just within reach. 


Blast you timer!  :)  I can't stand to leave a thought unfinished!  So, because I'm quirky like that, today we're going to pretend it's 8 1/2  minute Friday instead.  

He has confirmed to me lately, that now is the time to pursue my writing.  Now is the time to use my story to glorify Him and bring hope to others.  I say that, and a wave of fear can grip me so tightly I can barely breathe.  I feel inadequate.  I fear judgement.  And I fear rejection.  But He is faithful to help me combat these fears.  He has laid on my heart a spirit of tenacity to wiggle from this fear that has grasped and not allow it to rule my life.  I WILL not allow it to rule my life.  For fear of this world is not allowed in His presence.


Denise said...

Such a good post.

Becky said...

Thank you Denise!

Maria Dunn said...

Wonderful story and so true. How often does fear take its toll on us? You inspire me to examine my motivations and step out in faith to experience the joy of the Lord. God bless, Maria

Becky said...

Let's do it together my sister! He will be faithful!

Lindylou said...

I think you did a wonderful job and it would have been OK to leave us in suspense... because you had already taught me so much in the first story... I would never get on the ride.... (:

Janna Wright said...

I'm right there with you in the scared-to-write-but-dying-to and knowing the desire's from God! Thanks for the heartfelt words and your authenticity. Let's hold onto His truth together.