Monday, May 19, 2008

Pretty as a Princess!

Well, I've been sick the last couple days. I've had an awful head cold. I didn't go to church Sunday morning, but I was able to be there Sunday night for the Princess Banquet. It was so nice to see our youth girls dressed up so pretty. Dear Lord, please help all of these beautiful Princesses to keep their commitments to You. Guard their hearts and their bodies to stay pure for their Prince Charmings! Speaking of Princess, Madelyn had some fun dressing up. She even liked wearing the earrings. She's such a girly-girl! And in the complete opposite direction is David. He is all boy! Today I heard Madelyn screaming from the living room and I went in to find David running his Lightning McQueen car all through the middle of her tea party. He was having a good time destroying her set-up and watching her reaction. Some days I'm more referee than Mommy.

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