Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rice Krispies

What is that you ask?

OK, today has been one of those days. It started out fairly normal I guess with David going to school and Daniel, Madelyn and I doing a little run by Wal-Mart for some Mother's Day cards for our mommy's. But it seemed to go south from there. I don't know what is going on with my memory, but I need to find it before I burn the house down. This evening around 5 or so I put a pizza in the oven for my fam and I decided to have some rice. Well, I measured out the rice and put it in my nifty microwaveable rice/steam cooker and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Well, I went and did something, I don't even remember now, and when I walked back into the kitchen there was about 30 seconds on the microwave and I was smelling this horrible smell. Daniel said, "What's burning?" Well, I opened the oven thinking something on the bottom was smoking or something. Nothing. Then, I remembered Daniel's helicopter and thought maybe he had plugged it in and it had sparked and started a fire upstairs or something (They've been recalled for that very thing if you plug it in to charge). I yelled this thought out to Daniel and a look of panic came into his eye and he went to dart upstairs, but stopped short and said he had not plugged it in. Then the microwave ended. I opened it up and the smell just rolled out. I realized at that very moment I had put the rice in that nifty steamer... but no water. OOPS! The smell of burnt/melted plastic and ashy rice went straight up my nose and proceeded to fill the house. It was horrible. Daniel grabbed the rice cooker and went straight outside to the garbage.

I opened up the house and tried to air it out as best I could. I went to bible study tonight and much to my dismay when I returned the house still reeks. I've got some work in store tomorrow.

And so does Daniel. As I was leaving the restaurant tonight, it looked as though my van was a little lop-sided. I asked Dacia if she was seeing it too, and she was, but I thought it was because the parking lot was a little on an incline. Well, we get in and go to back out, and we hear: blump, blump. You guessed it. Tire gone flat. At that moment, Dacia lifted her rear off the seat and asked if that would help us get home? In a fit of laughter we put the van back in park and got out to review the situation. Luckily there were some friends who saw our delima and offered to give us a lift home. Thanks ladies for stopping for us. You guys rock!

All in all, God is still good. Earlier today in the van, I was waiting on Daniel to come out and David and Madelyn were sitting in the back. To keep us all entertained I turned around in my seat and was playing peek-a-boo over the seat. It struck me funny that every time I would go down and pop back up they just laughed and laughed. I know that they could see me even when I was ducking, but they still thought it was funny. It reminded me of our relationship with our Heavenly Father in a way. There are times in my life where I duck down and hide my face hoping He doesn't see my faults and sins. But we can never truly hide from God. The bible says in Jeremiah 23:24 Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him?" declares the LORD. "Do not I fill heaven and earth?" declares the LORD. How silly we must look. I can almost think He has a little amusement every time we try.

Well, the day is done. I have managed to NOT burn down the house. I am thankful Dacia and I did not have to walk home. I'm glad I got to hear my sweet babies laugh out loud in amusement at their silly mom. And I'm glad that God is still taking the time to teach this ol' sinful woman a lesson or two. God is good!

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