Thursday, August 14, 2008

The big move

I had decided a couple weeks ago to move Madelyn into a big girl bed. I'd caught her climbing out of her crib a couple of times after her nap and was a little fearful she might hurt herself. She was so excited to see her new big girl bed for the first time. She loves her new comforter and each morning she 'helps' Mommy make her bed. The first night I didn't have it quite pushed against the wall because of an outlet I was trying to keep. That night Daniel awoke to her crying and found her standing on the other side very confused. We think she was trying to get her pig she had dropped. I've decided to lose the outlet for now and have the bed completely against the wall. We've done good since then. No more falling and she stays in bed pretty good, even at nap time.

Night night Mom!

Mommy's baby girl is growing up. Love you Madelyn!

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