Friday, September 26, 2008

Go ahead and play with your food

This post is for PEC....

I've been trying to make lunch a little more interesting this week for the kids. They've been battling colds and I've had a time getting them to eat on occasion. I made octopus hot dogs surrounded by goldfish. The kids sure thought they were cool and ate them pretty well.

Also this week I spent Wednesday afternoon making flower cookies for our Awana Puggles class. This week our lesson covered how God made the flowers. I made the dough, then used my cookie press to make the flower shapes. I then used my Pampered Chef bottle decorator set (thank you Jen) to decorate them. They turned out cute and tasted really good. The kids thought they were cool too!

And to think Mom used to say 'don't play with your food'. =]


Painter el Cinco said...

Nice job on the cookies...I'll have to swing by your class.

Heidi said...

Cute Dogs!

Bethanie said...

Hi! got here via Heidi's blog.
that hotdog idea is great.
I bought some of those pamp. chef decorators and I've never even tried them. Now I know they work anyway. Your cookies look great.