Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why me?

So today I began to clear out our bedroom so I can start the painting process in there. Because of lack of space in our garage I put most everything just in the hallway. Needless to say everything is just in chaos upstairs. I tried to keep the kids downstairs most of the day, but this evening they wanted to go upstairs and play with Madelyn's doll house. I told them they could as long as they stayed in Madelyn's room. About 10 minutes into their play time David came downstairs saying "Mommy, come here." "David, Mommy is busy. What do you want?" "Mommy, come here. Madelyn make a mess." UH-OH.

No, that is not lamb's blood on the door frame. It's lipstick.

When asked what she did, she said
"I painting!"

But we couldn't just leave it on the door.
"Isn't it pretty?"

At least she stayed in her room.


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Been There!!

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