Saturday, November 15, 2008

Like a vacation....

Today was a wonderful day. I was able to sleep in and then my wonderful husband made me a breakfast of pancakes. I then headed out for a day of shopping by myself. No kids, no husband, just me and my credit card. =] I wanted to go to Toys R Us so I headed to Greenwood. I was able to get everything I had on my list for the kids and the bigger ticket items were even on sale! I then stopped for lunch at Qdoba and then headed to Old Navy. I had $10 bucks back from my Old Navy Card and also 20% off stuff n' save. Again I was successful! I did finish off my day with grocery shopping but even that was OK because again... I was by myself.
The only thing that would have made it better would be if my Sister had been with me. I always used to do most of my Christmas shopping with her. So feeling the cold wind blasts between stores and hearing the sounds of Christmas made me miss that she was not with me. I did call her at lunch and we discussed our Christmas purchases so far. Thanks Lori! I miss you and I'll see you soon!

Me and my sis on vacation in Gatlinburg a year and a half ago. I wouldn't want this to be a picture-less post. =]

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