Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday get-away

Daniel and I were able to enjoy a birthday get-away without the young 'uns. (Thank you Heidi) We had a great night. We started out our evening at Abuelo's for some amazing Mexican food. We then went to Costco for some Christmas shopping. After that, we headed to down town Indy to the Westin Hotel for a night's stay.

Saturday we went to Shula's Steak house for breakfast. Luckily, this was included in our package. We were allowed $50 for breakfast. Daniel and I never thought we could hit $50 for breakfast. But guess what?! We did. Does that look like a $50 omelet to you??

After breakfast we went to Bodies!

I have to admit, that I was a little skeptical of viewing an exhibit full of cadavers. It didn't sound very fun and especially after breakfast. But it was very tastefully done. (Pardon the pun.) We learned so much about the human body. I remember learning this stuff in school, but to see it up close and personal was amazing. There is no way you could walk through this exhibit and see the intricacies of our bodies and not believe in an Amazing Awesome Creative God. Creationism was obvious to the believer. Thank you God for our bodies. The functions they accomplish on a daily basis are beyond our control and even our comprehension. It is all by Your Hand.

I had a wonderful Birthday. Thank you Daniel for making 31 so memorable. I love you bunches!

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