Monday, December 1, 2008

A day of firsts....

Today we headed out for some site-seeing and some firsts. The first time the kids see a Great Lake - Lake Erie.

We walked along the beach finding shells and tossing in some rocks.

It sure was cold.

We then headed into Detroit. We took the kids to a Hard Rock Cafe for the first time.

Across the street they had a small skating rink set up outside with a huge Christmas tree decorated. It reminded me of Rockefeller Center in New York but of course on a much smaller scale.

We also got to look across the river to Canada. The first time Daniel or the kids have been this close to Canada. Had we been better prepared we might have ventured over. But it was neat to be a stone's throw away anyway. We have had a great time. David hasn't quite grasped the vacation thing yet. Today in our apartment he looked at Daniel, touched the wall and asked "Is this vacation?" And then on our way home from our event tonight he said "I'm ready to go back to vacation", meaning our apartment. Poor thing is going to think that every time we go on vacation we'll be headed to our humble apartment.
Well we head home tomorrow and as fun as it has been, I'll be glad to be home in my own bed. But not before a stop at Cabela's. As weird as it sounds I'm looking forward to it. It is a mecca store for the outdoors man and ought to be a blast! Eat your heart out Gary Brough and Brad Harris!

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Dacia said...

Ahhh, we would love to be there. Have fun!