Wednesday, February 11, 2009

60's snowman??

Well, the weather has warmed to the 60's, all the snow has melted and I'm just getting around to posting the snowman pictures. Oh well, such is life. Our snowman was fashioned into a magician of course.

Madelyn cracks us up sometimes. She loves her sweets! She asked if she could "eat his bellies". His face and buttons are made out of suckers after all.

Then she asked Daniel the cutest thing. "Why he not talking?" and pointed to the snowman. I mean come on, he has a mouth doesn't he?

Daniel told her that maybe if she gave him a hug he would talk. So she did and he changed his voice and pretended to be the snowman talking to her. Her and the snowman carried on a lengthy conversation. She loved it when the snowman watched her slide down the slide. She then tried to get the snowman to play catch. That didn't work so well! It was cute!! And we have it all on video. One of these days we'll have to post a video for America's Funniest. We just might win. Thanks for the material kids!

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