Friday, April 24, 2009

Trash to treasure and good bargains!

I found this chair in our neighbor's trash. The seat was destroyed but the chair itself was in great shape. I thought it had potential.

I spray painted it. Then Daniel cut a board that fit as a seat. He added some foam, batting and then covered it with this great fabric I found. I think it looks great! I also had this table that my mother-in-law had given me. I painted it as well. They make for a great pair in my kitchen! After all is said in done, I spent about $25 for paint and materials. Not bad for dumpster diving, huh? Would it be wrong to tell my neighbor who has 3 more sitting on her porch that when she wants to get rid of them, I want them??

Then today I stopped by a yard sale on the way home from taking David to school. The nice gentleman that lived there is retired and for a few years after his retirement took up refinishing furniture as his hobby. I found this great dining room table! It is solid wood construction. It didn't come with any chairs, but they should not be hard to find. I only paid $85 for the table. The best part to me is that it comes with 2 leaves as well! Here it is without the leaves.....

And here it is with the leaves.....I've always wanted a big table for family gatherings! I love it! It should seat 8 easily. I love finding great furniture that has a story. And I love it even more when I get a great deal!


Heather P said...

Nice Becky! Good job!

Sarah said...

Jealous....need table desparately... but happy for you!