Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom's project

My Mom has been visiting this last week and has helped me get my house organized. I have been so sick and tired from this pregnancy that a lot of projects and even basic cleaning has been a real challenge. Mom came over to help me get caught up and back to a more manageable household. One of her projects was the play room upstairs. I had planned to get the painting done this summer and get all the kids toys in one spot, but of course that was put on hold. Mom convinced me that painting can be done later and it would be so much nicer to just get the toys out of every room in the house. And boy was she right!

The kids have loved it! David came downstairs yesterday and said "I just love my play room!" Awww!

They have also done well at keeping it picked up. So much easier when everything is one spot and when everything has its own place.

Thanks Mom for all your help this week! I couldn't have done it without you!

And thanks to Dad for letting me have Mom for so long. He made 3 trips over here in less than 10 days. I think their car could drive itself over here now! :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!! Congratulations Becky... I didn't know.