Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas nostalgia

One night, Daniel and I were at Wal-Mart by ourselves and were looking at the Christmas decorations. We decided to get the kids each a Christmas tree with their own decorations for their rooms. Daniel remembers having his own tree in his room and he always thought that was pretty special as a kid. We found 3 ft Christmas trees with white lights. For Madelyn we bought a strand of 100 pink lights with some sparkly candy cane ornaments, pink Christmas present ornaments, pink snow flake garland, a pink tree skirt, a pink topper and some silver sparkly Christmas bulbs. The girl loves her pink tree.

For David's tree we added a strand of 100 blue lights, a blue topper, silver garland, blue Christmas bulbs with silver accents, a blue tree skirt and some special blue sparkly bulbs. He had a blast decorating his own tree.

The ornament placement is the best part for me. Of course, they bunched all the ornaments in one spot. But it's their tree and their own creations. Daniel and I had a lot of fun picking out all the ornaments and even more fun watching them decorate. So far, it's the best investment of the season. Merry Christmas David and Madelyn!!

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Marla said...

I had my own small tree in my room when I was little too. Mine was a silver aluminum one.