Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little getaway....

We decided to take a little vacation #1 for Daniel's birthday, and also a little get-away before his busy summer schedule begins. We headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason OH. We had more fun! The kiddos had no idea what to expect, and even after trying to explain it to them, they were still a little confused. When we arrived, David was excited just to be staying in a place that looks exactly like his Lincoln Logs. Haha! Oh, enjoy this while we can! He's so easy to please. :)

The wave pool was David's favorite area. They had a wolf howl right before the waves would start and you really had to watch David if you were in another area of the park. As soon as he'd hear the wolf he was off in a flash! He loved to splash and run from the waves. By day 2 he was getting more and more brave.

Madelyn LOVED the water slides. David went down a few too, but once was usually enough for him. Madelyn on the other hand couldn't get enough! And I'm not talking the little slides either. She liked them bigger and faster! That's my girl!

Molly had a good time too. I wasn't sure how she would do, but she was so good and had a lot of fun. They keep the water area very warm and being indoors it's also pretty humid. She just ate, slept and played in the water. I think her favorite was the lazy river. There was a few times she was splashed in the face pretty good, but she never did cry. She was an angel!

(A little fun washing out Molly's bottles)

We had a great time! Great Wolf Lodge is a little pricey to stay in but worth it. We were able to save quite a bit of money taking some of our own food, snacks and drinks. The food there is way over priced. But each room has a little fridge, microwave and coffee pot, so even if you just eat one meal in your room, you can save a good $30. We saved $10 for one meal just bringing our own drinks. Oh, and we only stayed one night, but were able to enjoy the water park for 2 days. By day 2, we were definitely tired and had had a good time! :)

Great Wolf Lodge was definitely a good time, but my favorite part??....

A little shopping at Ikea! You didn't think I would go all the way to Cincinnati and not go to Ikea would you?! That would just be crazy!

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Amy said...

Great vacation! And fun at Ikea :)