Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let the craziness begin!!

Madelyn's first day of pre-k.  She had demanded requested she get on the school bus with David and head to Kindergarten.  But once there, she was fine.

And so begins my schedule.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
Arise at 6:45am
Shower, dress myself, then awaken both children.
Dress David and Madelyn, feed them breakfast.  Pray Molly does not awaken and want a bottle.
Leave house at 7:45 with Madelyn and take her to Clermont for school.
Come back by 8:10 to get David on the bus.  If bus is missed, take him to school by 8:50.
9-11:15 "free time":  grocery shop - if we don't have too much to get, go to Plainfield and work - if we only have a little to do, take a nap - only if it's a power nap, go to the dr., hair appt, etc... only if we can cut it short and get out early.....you get the point.
11:15 go to school to pick up David.
11:30-11:45 - drive around to waste time or run a very SHORT errand.
11:45am - go to Clermont to get Madelyn from school.
12:10pm - arrive home, fix lunch and try to find SOMETHING for the boy to do that will provide some relief as he is only at school long enough to stimulate his brain and senses before they ship him home. 

Tuesday and Thursday:  Just take Madelyn's schedule out of the equation, and basically the rest is the same.

This half day Kindergarten schedule is kinda rough.  There is no down time in the 2 and a half hours he is there.  No snack, no long breaks, no real play time.  So, when he gets home, he is would up like an 8 day clock!  And lucky for me.....I get to get through this year, and then turn around and do it again next year!  Oh well.  At least my van seat is almost like a Lazy Boy.  Cause that is where I spend most of my morning.  :)


Amber and Chris said...

I am tired just reading about it! Hang in there!

Amy said...

It does sound exhausting!

Heather P said...

Half day is stinky for the kids and for the mom too it sounds like! My boys always needed some wind down time after working non-stop! Hang in there! 1st Grade will be better! :)