Friday, October 29, 2010

Zoo Boo

Today, the children and I ventured out to Zoo Boo.  The weather was a little brisk, but since it was sunny and there was no wind, it really wasn't too bad.  We started off in the bounce house, did some pumpkin bowling and a hay maze.  Then we went on a haunted train ride and finally did some trick or treating. I have to say...I am so proud of their costumes!  They all look adorable.  David wanted to be Spiderman this year.  Thank you to Heather and J.J. for letting us borrow his costume.  You made one boy very happy and he told everyone we saw that he was the "real" Spiderman. 

Madelyn wanted to be a mermaid.  After some looking, I found this one on for $8.50 with shipping!  What a deal!!  And so adorable.

And as for Molly, I found her butterfly costume at The Children's Place for $11.00.  Is she not the cutest butterfly you've ever seen?!  (Please ignore the bib in this next one.  Girl needs to cut more teeth quick and stop drooling all over!!)

Molly did wonderful as usual.  She did not fuss one time, was full of smiles, and of course got lots of attention.  Towards the end of the evening it was starting to get a little cold and she wanted a nap.  I think the look in the next picture says it all!

After Zoo Boo, we met Josh, Elisa and Gavin at Chick-fil-A then headed to Westside Retirement Village to do some trick or treating and visit Mr. Bartle.  They even had a haunted house that was a lot of fun.  Madelyn wasn't too sure at first, and eventually was OK.  David on the other hand had a blast and wanted to go again!  Boy after my own heart.  Daniel and I both love haunted houses.  We've hit some scary ones, especially up in Wisconsin.  In fact, it's been awhile since we've been to one, so we may have to track one down next year.  :) 
Tomorrow on the agenda holds some fun too.  Pumpkin carving and passing out candy.  Then some more trick or treating on Sunday.  I just love this time of year!!

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