Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Giving - Days 8, 9 AND 10

Well, as you can see I took a little break over the weekend and enjoyed some much needed time with my children.  Had I been a good blogger, I would have scheduled my posts in advance, so you could still enjoy.  However, I'm not.  I'm a mother first and that just takes precedence, don't you think?  I do hope you'll forgive me.

Blurry but still cute...

So, it's Monday.  And it's an exciting one!  I have lots to share.  First, I'll tell you about our weekend fun.  We decided to go to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indianas and Western Art.  Now, at first mention, that may not sound as kid-friendly as say, Chuck E. Cheese.  But really, they do a pretty good job.  Our main focus was the Jingle Rails exhibit.

Their gift shop finds...

My son is infatuated with trains.  And the girls seem intrigued by western life, so this was a good fit.  As for me, I love the west.  I took several vacations with my parents as a kid, and have been to at least 13 western states.  I have many real life memories from the destinations featured in the display.  And I've always been in love with miniature replicas and details, so this was just as much fun for me too.  And this year, the older kids asked lots of questions on history, so it was educational too!  So much fun!

Jingle Rails ~ Downtown Indy

The work and intricate detail in this display is amazing.  New this year was the Indiana State Fairgrounds complete with Pepsi Coliseum and the Midway (including a working Ferris wheel) plus a barn, animals and tractors.  

We enjoyed dinner at Steak N' Shake and then planned to head to the Circle of Lights.  However, we took a detour to Georgia Street, where it was rumored some more fun.  We found singing and even some free ice skating, but the line was so long!  We decided to try and find Santa instead.  He had already moved on.  After much debate, we decided he had moved onto see some kids in Michigan by the time we arrived and we would catch up with him next time.

Proof they love each other!

At the circle, we enjoyed some free hot chocolate, compliments of the Salvation Army as well as some beautiful Christmas music to set the mood.  And guess what?!  We also found Santa!  He had left the sleigh at home and chosen a motorcycle instead.  The kids concluded reindeer would be a little crowded in the city.  But to honor them anyway, he had some tiny reindeer to help his motorcycle along.  His beard was authentic and I'm not sure who was having more fun with pictures, him or the kids!  I could tell by his dress, his attitude and his mode of transportation, he looked forward to this every year.  The kids were ecstatic!  And I didn't have to pay a fortune for 'mall Santa' pictures, so we all came away with something.

I'm trying to figure out why David's not smiling... I think he's beginning to catch onto 'Santa'.

Let's see...there's more to share from our fun-filled weekend, but for now let's move on to that giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered!  I put the names in a box and Molly drew one out for me.  So with out further ado, our winner is Amy!  Congratulations Amy!  I will e-mail you for your address and get the card out tomorrow for you to enjoy it!  Nothing like a warm cup of hot something this time of year!

Finally, I am honored to be featured with my Mamahood story on Project After Belly today.  Nathalie is a sweet Momma I met at a conference I attended recently.  Let me tell you, this girl has a heart for motherhood and children.  Her passion just exudes from first conversation for Mommas all over the world.  And it's also very evident in her writing.  I do hope that you will check out her blog and leave a little love for her.  Thank you Nathalie for allowing me to share my story.  May God bless you!

OK, here we go, days 8, 9 and 10 of....

12 Days of Giving

36. Raining or snowing?  Take an umbrella to the church or store and help people get in without getting wet.

37.  Volunteer to read a story at the local library.

38.  Set up a craft time with supplies for stay at home mom's to come and craft and fellowship with their little ones.

39.  Next time you go to the park, take some bubbles and play with the kids already there.

40.  Take some crackers or bottled water next time you're around the homeless.  Give a snack and engage in some conversation.

41. Make thank you cards and deliver them for the custodians at school and/or church.

42.  Volunteer to help clean a class room.

43.  Make heart letters saying "Have a great day!" and slip them under windshield wipers on a nice, non-windy day.

44.  Do you know how to make balloon animals?  Or maybe you have a helium tank?  Go and hand out balloons just to brighten someone's day!

45.  Give a compliment to someone you see today.  And don't forget your smile!

46.  Volunteer your time at an organization you care about.  Have a passion for homeless?  Go to the local homeless shelter.  What about Mom's?  Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.

47.  Shop local!  Support the small business instead of the big box store.  For them, each purchase makes and difference!

48.  Surprise your kids with a note in their lunchbox or maybe their back pack.  Let them know you're proud of them and that you love them.

49.  Surprise your spouse with a note too, while you're at it!  Kindness should start at home!

50.  Make some Christmas ornaments to pass out.  Looking for ideas?  Pinterest has a bunch!  Sign up and make sure to follow me!  I love finding fun things to craft!  Click the link on the right to sign up and get crafting!!

“Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.”
  ~Mother Teresa

P.S.  I had this blog written before 11am and waited all day to get the pictures on.  Bad blogger!  Bad!!

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Kathleen Caron said...

Wonderful post, the photos really convey "Christmas Spirit," which seems a little thin this year. My youngest son (only one left at home) keeps saying he just doesn't have much Christmas spirit this year, so I think we should take some of your suggestions and find a way to serve. blessings, Kathleen