Wednesday, October 27, 2010


When I was in elementary school, every year sometime in October they would hand out pumpkins on Friday.  We were to decorate them and then return them for a contest on Monday.  This was always a special time for me.  I would take my pumpkin to Grandma's house and she would help me decorate.  (She was the crafty one of the family).  So, when David brought home an opportunity to enter a painted pumpkin contest, we jumped on board.  After much thought, we decided on a 'scary' spider.

 David did quite a bit of this project.  First he helped me spray paint the pumpkin black.  Then he painted the pumpkin with black glitter.  He stuck on the eyes and the fangs (I cut the fangs out of foam).  Finally, we stuck on the legs.  I did have to put a straight pin in the legs to secure them.  The glue dots wouldn't hold very well.  After some searching in the garage I found some spider webbing and a box.  And of course, David wanted to add some spider friends.  I personally think it turned out really cute.  David and I were able to sneak off to the store by ourselves and had a great time picking out all of our items.  He was proud of his project. 

This project was a lot of fun for me.  It brought back lots of memories and special times spent with Grandma.  Of course, things sure have changed.  We had to buy our pumpkin and pay $1 to enter the contest.  :)

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Amy said...

Let us know how he does! It is really cute!