Saturday, November 27, 2010

Playroom project!!

Awhile back, I was cruising the thrift shop and found this little beauty!

I know!  How did everyone else pass this up?! 
My husband however was less than thrilled I brought this home.  I mean his garage and now the shed are full to the brim of junk antique valuables.  How could we fit someone else's broken piece of furniture in among the treasures until I could find time to refurbish it?  None the less, I won he relented and there it sat until last week. 

I failed to take a true before picture.  The above picture shows that some of the seat pieces were broken off.  I took some dowel rods cut them to size and nailed them in to replace the broken pieces.  I then added a beautiful coat of espresso spray paint and found some fabric I just love.  I then made a pillow for the seat.  See, all it needed was a little love.

This will now go into the play room as a chair for the kids to sit and read books on.  Isn't it just adorable?  I absolutely love it and think it turned out just as I imagined it.  And the kids???  Well, they are excited for it too.

And as for Daniel....he has been forced promised not to say anything about my thrift store deals I bring home as yet again he has seen my flair for a good project as he did here

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