Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter fun!

We had such a good weekend!  On Saturday the Easter bunny paid a visit.

The kids question whether or not this is Daddy.  Considering Daddy is never around when the Easter Bunny is, it kind of makes sense right?  But I think they are just not ready to come to that realization because they talk themselves out of it.  I myself think it's pretty hilarious.  Molly is not scared at all.  In fact, she just cuddles and pats and loves the near 8 foot tall rabbit.

On Sunday, Daniel had to work in the morning, so I had to get the kiddos ready for church on my own.  We didn't do too bad on time.  I was even able to snap a picture.

For the first time, Molly was able to have her own hair up in a top knot!  Love it!!  Molly is cutting some teeth and drooling like crazy, so not too many smiles from her.  Here is all of us in our Sunday best!

Daniel was home by one, so we got to spend the rest of the day together.  That evening, we went to Heidi's for Easter family dinner.  The kids got even MORE candy from Me-maw the Easter bunny.  We also had an Easter egg hunt.  On a side note, notice Madelyn's extra curly hair.  With all the rain and humidity, her hair was just full of curls!  I think it's just beautiful.

We had a truly great weekend with lots of family fun!   On our way home from Heidi's, Madelyn started to tell us the Easter story.  She began her account at the start of Holy Week with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and finished with Peter entering the empty tomb to find it empty and the grave clothes folded.  She included so much accurate detail.  I am so thankful for each and every person who teaches Truth to my children.  Children learn by repetition and Daniel and I do our best to teach our children at home as the Bible instructs, but I am so thankful for a Godly church who speaks Truth.  I'm thankful for their Sunday School teachers, Children's worship leaders as well as a good Christian preschool.  May God reward them for the precious work they do each and every week.  They are making a difference in my children's lives.  Praising Him for so many things this Easter!!

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