Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break!

In desperate need of a mini-vacation, the kids and I took off Saturday and spent the majority of our spring break in Illinois at my parents house.  The weather turned cold and we were not able to enjoy the outside as much as we would like, but we had a good time anyway.  The first night there, we got to enjoy Dad's famous home-made pizza!  Mmmm!

Molly made herself at home quickly playing with the toys Momo and Papa have collected over the years.  Here's Dr. Molly.  By the way, she put this around her neck on her own.  We didn't do this for her.  :)

Day 2: Madelyn, PJ and I headed to the movie theater.  We saw Gnomeo and Juliet.  It was an OK movie.  It really wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.  I definitely will not buy it.  But the movie theater popcorn was good and the company was even better, so it was all worth it!  David did not join us for the movie as expected.  He wasn't feeling too well and had a runny nose and a cough.  Molly also was not feeling well, but finally got some rest with Papa.

Day 3: Dad and I along with the kids headed to Decatur to visit my Dad's brother Gary.  The kids loved chasing the 2 cats around.  David, my brave boy, started the steep climb up the stairs to the attic.  Madelyn reluctantly started to follow.  Uncle Gary teasingly told them to watch out for the boogie man.  They changed their minds and headed back down.  But after a little talking between the two of them and David assuring Madelyn she would be fine, they headed up again and opened the door to the attic.  Funny to Uncle Gary lives in my Grandma's old house and I too remember as a kid the long scary climb up the stairs to the attic.  I joined them upstairs and reminisced what it was like to visit this same house when I was their age.  Such great memories!!  In the afternoon, Mom and I sneaked out to do a little shopping.  Always a must.  This day Molly also started with a runny nose and a fever.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep this night.  Good times!

Day 4: David felt much better so he and Papa went on a train hunt.  After burning up about $30 in gas, 2 hours of time that included a Happy Meal, a trip to the park and 2 bathroom breaks, they finally saw a train and chased it 5 miles to Blue Mound.  Success!!  Meanwhile, my sister came over to visit.  Mom, Lori, Madelyn and I visited while Molly took a nap.  Later that evening I went to Taylorville to get my hair done.  A girl I went to high school with now owns her own salon on the square.  It was good to see her and reminisce about old times.  Molly started to feel a little better and slept much better.

We headed home on day 5.  By this time, David was perfectly fine, Molly just had a runny nose and I was starting to feel a little run down.  Sure enough, when I got home I had caught the cold.  And the next day it was Mom's turn.  Luckily whatever this is doesn't last long.  The first day and a half are the worst.  So far, Madelyn and Dad have escaped it.  And Daniel....well, he left for Illinois the day after I got back and will not be back until tomorrow.  So maybe he's escaped it too. 

John 14:27 (NLT)  “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give."

#34-42 of my ONE THOUSAND GIFTS.....of endless grateful love......

Spring buds on the trees

connecting with Mom through Him at that table over coffee and newspapers

fresh sudokus

listening to stories of old - reminiscing by my Daddy

her sitting next to me in the van and then in the movie theater. 

my parents and my children - strengthening and loving

catching up - the way sisters do

HIM pulling me back to HIS love using his words of wisdom and leadership I've so longed to hear.

His Word breathing new life into my soul - truth, love, passion, joy

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