Friday, May 6, 2011

A Kindergarten Mother's Day

For weeks, David and his class has been preparing for a special Mother's Day event.  He was so excited this morning he just beamed!  Upon my arrival, my boy met me at the door, took my hand, handed me a program and guided me to my seat next to his.  I was showered with gifts and then introduced to the class by my son.  Then the class recited 2 Mom poems and sang a special song.  Afterward, we enjoyed cookies and punch.  Then each child took turns telling one thing they like about their Mom.  David said I make the bestest pizza in the whole wide world!  I've always said a way to man's heart is through his tummy.  :)  Finally, we were given a special marigold in a decorated pot that David had started with seeds.  I couldn't have been more proud or felt more loved today.  David is a true gentleman.  He told me how nice I looked and served me my cookie and punch.  And he was very courteous to everyone around.  Tonight when he went to bed, he told me today was the best day ever!  And I think I have to agree.

Here's David with Mrs. Mitchell and classmate Danielle.  Mrs. Mitchell has the biggest heart!  The way she leads her class is impressive.  And she loves these kids!  A small handful of kids did not have their Mother come.  But Mrs. Mitchell handled it with grace.  She wore each of their special flowers made for their Mom and made each one still feel very special and loved.  So thankful for a wonderful teacher and true servant of God.

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