Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy bees....

I recently found out that Ben Weaver, a friend of ours from church, was an official bee keeper.  Intrigued, I asked if we could come over for a field trip of sorts and see what this was all about. In addition to just being plain cool, I thought it would also help the kids to not be so afraid of nature's honey makers. 

Ben was great with the kids.  They truly learned a lot and he made them feel so comfortable.  They never once cowered in fear.  They listened intently to Ben and followed each direction he gave them.  He is going to be a great elementary teacher!

Ben explaining the ins and outs of the hive

Of course, to get a closer look, proper gear is required.

Ben also let them help use the smoker.

David smoking the hive

And finally, a look at the frames.

Looking at the bees filling honey cells.

No fear here!

The kids had a great day.  When we got home, I had them draw and journal what they learned.  They are no longer afraid of bees as they were before.  In fact, the other day, I found them bent over in the yard watching a bee collect pollen from some clover in our yard.  Thanks Bee-Keeper Ben for teaching us about the amazing honey bee!!


Amy said...

That is awesome! I think my kids need a field trip too. :)

Becky said...

Amy, I'm sure Ben would love to have you!