Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wind Farms

A 10 mile stretch of interstate 65.  As far as the eye can see on both sides of the interstate.  Wind turbines.  There has to be thousands of them.  We used to see them up in Wisconsin and I was always so mesmerized.  It's hard to understand the shear size of these energy savers until you get right up close and personal.  And so that is what we did.

A few side roads and down the middle of a bean field and we were there listening to the low swishing sound of these massive wind mills.  So cool!

And just so you get an idea of how large these things really are:

Workers dwarfed by the size of the turbine blades.

Amazing "go green" energy producers.  Truly beautiful against a farm backdrop of green field and blue sky.

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PEC said...

Nice shots of the turbines!