Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday times 2!

So, Birthday time....  We celebrated David's 7th Birthday with a small family party through the week.  Then on Friday, Dylan came to spend the night.  David was so excited to go with Daniel, Dylan and Dylan's Dad Brian to go see Star Wars in 3D.  He had a blast!  My boy is growing up!

Star Wars 3D Coolness!
3 days later this year, due to a leap year, Molly turned the Big 2!  My parents came over and joined us as we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse theme.

I had more fun with these cupcakes!

Molly of course caught on to the Birthday thing real quick.  She blew out her candle before we were even done singing, and you could hardly keep her away from the "cake cake" or the presents before it was time.  She was super cute!

Molly Mouse
Well, that takes us through the first of March.  Stay tuned for more blogging fun!

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