Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perspective from a world away

This is the final week of Compassion blog month.  I am proud to say that we are closer to our goal!  266 more children need sponsors.  Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child and releasing another from poverty?  I promise your gift will be blessed in more ways than one!

This final assignment was a challenge: to write from the perspective of a child in poverty.  I drew from the limited experience I have with poverty.  The information we have received about the area in Indonesia where our sponsored child Gloria lives, from other sponsors who have shared bits of letters with me, and from my own Compassion experience with letters received.  The following letter is written from the perspective of a 15 year old girl in Indonesia. 

Dear Sponsor,

I'm so glad to hear from you.  I love getting letters and drawings from you and your children.  They are all growing so fast!  I have a special box given to me by my mother when I turned 13 that I keep all your letters and pictures in.  They are so very close to my heart.

You asked me to tell you about a typical day for me.  My mother wakes me first to help her with the morning chores.  Father has usually already milked the goat for breakfast and is gone by then heading out to look for work or search for metal to sell.  We prepare breakfast for my younger brothers and sisters.  We usually have left over rice from the night before.  Mother shapes them into cakes.  Then I help her pack each of us a small piece of bread to take to school.  On special mornings sometimes we are able to have Sweet Potato Puffs from the night before.  I love those mornings! 

I help my mother dress my younger siblings and walk them to school.  I get to go to school most days, but sometimes I go with mother to market instead.  We usually go about once a week.  That is where we trade our goat's milk for eggs, flour and other goods.  Sometimes father will have extra money for us and we can buy other things too.  Last week was one of those days and we were able to get an extra bag of rice, some fresh papaya and a new school bag for me.  Mine was nearly falling apart.  I was so thankful to get something that would carry my books better.

At school, we learn to read, write and do some math.  We also learn how to stay healthy and what to do if someone does become ill.  The math really helps when we go to market.  I'm able to make sure we are getting what is promised after a purchase.  I wish everyone were more honest sometimes. 

On Tuesday's after school is when we go to the Compassion program.  We learn about God.  We also share what He is doing in our lives.  I love when I receive your letters with Bible verses.  It allows me to learn so much more about Him!  Thank you!

After school or Compassion, I gather my siblings and we walk home.  On market days, Mom usually let's me have just a little money and I can get a fresh donut from the bakery for us all to share.  So yummy!  I usually help Mom prepare dinner.  We always have rice and beans, but sometimes we have Sweet potato puffs and chicken or pork.  After dinner, we clean up.  By then, Father is home.  A couple months ago our family got their first Bible from Compassion.  Ever since receiving it, my Father has decided we need to spend time as a family listening to it.  I'm able to help him read, but sometimes he lets me or my older brother read too.  We always end our time in prayer for you and your family each night.  Sometimes Father will ask me to reread one of your letters to me.  We love hearing what God is doing where you live too.  I always pray and thank God for Compassion and how it has given our family so much hope we didn't have before.  Even though Father still has a hard time finding work, he seems to have more joy and peace.  He and Mother even laugh sometimes.  He has learned that all this time God is still taking care of us. 

After Bible time we usually wash our face and hands and head to bed.  Mother spends time in the candle light sewing and mending clothes.  Father usually goes to bed soon after so he can get up early and finish his chores to head out in search of work.

That is a day in the life in Indonesia.  I'd love to hear about your day sometime too.

A 15 year old sponsored girl from Indonesia

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