Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Voice

I've been thinking a lot about voice lately.  In my writing class.  In my sphere of influence.  In my everyday life with my children.  For me, trying to decide how or what to say has been the easy, yet difficult part.

Let me see if I can explain.  I have lots of ideas.  Almost overwhelmingly so.  I have blog posts just waiting to be written.  Ideas that I hope will encourage and help others.  But to put them out there.  To share them.  To expose my thoughts in a raw, undefined way, honestly scares the pants off of me. 

Writing for me is almost like therapy.  It is a way for me to take these jumbled thoughts I carry around with me, and iron them out.  A way to use them for a purpose. 

I pray that the Lord above will help me to become more bold with my voice.  That His thoughts will be the ones that leak out into my writing.  That His truths will be the Ones who you really hear.  Because without Him, my voice is nothing.

Five Minute Friday

Will you join Five Minute Friday this week?  Your word is 'voice'.  Write for five minutes straight.  No editing, no over thinking.  Just write and see what comes out.  Then head on over to Lisa Jo Baker's blog and link up.  Only one rule, encourage the one before you.  Be a part of this beautiful community, sharing and encouraging with each other.


Mel said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

I can be really scary to post things sometimes! But, like you said, if God is in your words, then people will hear His Truth. :)

Have a great weekend! Blessings!

Patty Ann said...

I love this one, and completely agree with you. It is why I write on my blog too. It is pretty amazing, the difference we can make by voicing our words.

Denise said...

Praying for you.

soZealous said...

Becky, I just want to say that I think you have a beautiful heart & I am excited to see how you grow and use your influence on this blog:)

P.S. I replied the recipe for the chocolate avocado cupcakes on my blog, but here it is again:

You have to let me know if you make them, ok? :)