Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Wonder

I watched as they dug out ornaments and gathered around the tree.  The lights had the little one mesmerized.  The older quipped how tall the tree was.  The middle picked out the shiny tinsel over the ribbon.  They added ornaments in search of their special ones.  Treasures forgotten from the year before.

As I watched their excitement and wonder over the holiday season, I reminisced that Christmas Day long ago.  The newness and wonder of a new mother as she looked into the face of her Lord.  The Wise Men searching for that perfect treasure as a gift to the King.  The shepherds as they gathered around a humble manger in a dirty stable, wondering how they were chosen to look on this precious child.

I pray that the true wonder of this season does not escape our minds.  That we remember the Gift.  That we seek those treasures of Time with Him in all the hustle and bustle.  That we remember how truly special we are to be chosen as part of His Kingdom and His family.

Will you come like a child into this Holiday season with me?  Let's experience the Wonder together.

~Today I'm participating in Lisa Jo's 5 minute Friday.  Will you join in and give us your best thoughts on Wonder?  Learn all about it here.

Five Minute Friday


Maureen said...

"The treasure of time with Him..." He will spend time with us. This is a good line. I think of Christmas as time with family, but this reminds me to spend time with Him, too. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I'm absolutely in! Savoring the treasure and wonder together!