Thursday, July 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday - In between

Five minute Friday time again.  A post I've been meaning to sit down and pen since Friday, but life, er children, somehow seem to take my time.  :)  Go figure...

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Five Minute Friday

Five Minutes writing free on:  In Between


What happens in the 'in between'? 

Confusion.  Questions.  Patience tried and failed.  Unrest.  I'm sitting in the 'in between' right now.  I have desperately been trying to close a chapter in my life, but have found resistance at every turn. 

I learned long ago that God's timing is perfect in the opening of new doors.  New opportunities waited for in the right time, that present themselves as good.  But what about a door that you are trying desperately to slam shut?  When all hope is gone and faith is waned.  Yet God's foot remains wedged.  What then?

I can look back and see times where God has called me to obedience.  Where He has given a promise, a sliver of hope.  Where He said He was working just below the surface out of my view and that in time He would reveal His purpose.  Isn't this how he works?  Isn't this what He does?  Take a beautiful hopeless mess only to step in and redeem?

But this time from promise to fruition is the hardest.  Where we tend to run and question all that we know.  Where we want to pick up the pieces and do our own thing.  Where we rely more on ourselves than on Him and dig a deeper hole of confusion and question. 

Does He change His mind?  Does He give us something to hold on to only to yank it back? 

His character throughout the test of scripture says otherwise. 

This 'in between'.  This is where our faith is refined.  Where we are tested in our own commitiment to Him.  Where we are to stay close and not wander.  Oh, how I fail.

Lord, help me to stay close to you in this 'in between.'  Help me to cling to your promises.  Help me to sit in expectation, not in impatience, of the work You alone are doing.  And help me to stay out of it with ways that are my own.  Only then can you redeem a beautiful mess.  Only then can You be glorified.


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Heather said...

That is so true. What a great concept.