Monday, May 5, 2008

Its a miracle!!!

Daniel here...

I had a very odd experience today. A miraculous event!!

I went to place my contacts in my eyes today. I figured it was time for a new pair. Each comes in their own package. I opened up one and placed it in the right eye. I did the same for the left. I then realized I had a very hard time seeing out of the right eye. "Hmmm...bad contact", I thought. I took it out and cleaned it off. Placed it back in the eye. No good. "Cheep Wal-Mart brand", I murmured under my breath. Did this same routine a few more times. I then took the right one out and placed it back in the package with solution and tried putting one of my old ones in since I had no other new contacts. SAME RESULTS. Very very blurry. "Oh no somethings wrong with my actual eye!", I thought to myself as panic starts to sit in. I then took the old one out set it aside and took the one I KNEW I could see clearly from in the left eye and place it in the right eye. SAME RESULTS.

"Great I have developed a eye problem over the course of the night sleeping". I took the contact back out and placed it in the left eye again and did not place any contact in the right eye. Getting ready to head downstairs to have Becky look at my eye I notice something very strange. 20/20 VISION! "Ok! What is going on here" I rubbed my eye and no contact. I looked and both old contacts were in the case and the "bad" new contact in the packaging with solution. One good one in my left eye....that makes 4 contacts. WHY CAN I SEE PERFECT! Ahhh it was not an eye problem I developed overnight it was SUPER EYE REGENERATION! Now I am super confused.

I head downstairs with a bewildered look on my face. "Becky I am wearing only one contact and have perfect vision. Do YOU see a contact in my right eye." Bending close to her with a crazy look already in my eye from the event that just unfolded I hear, "Uhh Yea". Sure enough I pick out a contact from my right eye. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!

I walk upstairs more confused than before. "OK" standing in front of the sink "One...two old contacts, One new contact in the packaging, One new in the left eye, and one renegade contact in the right". 5 contacts! I am not sure how I did not feel it in there before but here is what I have concluded.

One of the new packages actually contained 2 contacts stuck together. An error at the factory. One poor sap probably got an empty case and is still on their bathroom floor looking for the contact they "dropped". It obviously was blurry with two contact and when I took it out I only got a hold of one of them. Craziness then perspired.

What a long story to tell you I got a FREE CONTACT but a small mental breakdown.


Heidi said...

Ah yes, a little lesser known than the "Miracle of healing the blind" the "Miracle of the duplicate contact" still has a powerful effect on people. :p

Sarah said...

A funny fact I may have never known if you had not started blogging. Such great FREE entertainment - the lives of my friends!