Friday, May 2, 2008

The many faces of Madelyn

Well, not too eventful today. David and I went to an audiology appointment this morning. Heidi was gracious enough to watch Madelyn for me. David passed his hearing test with flying colors. He did very well. He did exactly what he was told with the doctor and did a very good job following directions. I was very proud. Now I know he has no excuse to not listen to me when I tell him to do something. =] Thank you all for your prayers for my kids the last couple weeks. Madelyn's x-ray was completely clear and David's ears are perfect. God is good. I love my family and am very blessed.

This evening Daniel had a magic show at a church. It went very well and was a good time. Shane and Stacy Thrasher watched the kids for us tonight. I think Shane had a good time playing with David. They did man things. HA!

I don't really have any pictures from today, but I did have this video from a couple days ago I thought I would share. Madelyn needs a little air-time. Enjoy!

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