Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Loves me.....loves me not.......loves me.....

Daniel and I walked into the living room the other night and found this sweet little scene. Look at the sibling love! Can you say Waawwwww!!!

Even a little kissy!

Isn't that sweet? Look at the two of them!...

Now, if I left this posting at that, I would be doing a terrible disservice to my audience. It would be gross deception and misrepresentation of our lives. And we wouldn't want to do that, now would we?

Will the true David and Madelyn please stand up!?

David and Madelyn after David took her bears from her.

Madelyn making her disapproval known... Quite loudly, I might add.

And finally, David continuing to tease and boast he has achieved his goal of a complete melt down from Madelyn.

*In my most sarcastic tone* "Awww.... isn't that sweet?"


Heidi said...

You will some - You lose some. :)

Sarah said...

My kids are always kind and considerate of one another they would never...NOT!