Friday, August 15, 2008

Future Farmers of America

On Tuesday we went to the State Fair. We had to go to the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit.

Madelyn is going to be a good gardener like her Grandma Great and her Me-maw. She looks like a natural planting her field.

Of course, if you're going to be a farmer, you have to learn to drive a tractor.

And the best part for Madelyn, after all the hard work, you get to reap your harvest. She loves her food!

David on the other hand, seems to have a draw to the animals like his Grandpa Great Lusk.

Here he is milking his first 'cow'.

Later on in the day, we got to see them milking a real cow and he learned that milk does indeed come from a cow.

He's not so sure about that.

Later on I asked him where Diet Coke comes from and he said that also comes from a cow. So be on the look out for the Diet Coke cows. You might be able to cash in on those.

Of course, you can't have animals on the farm without giving them a little food.

We had a great time at Little Hands on the Farm. At the end, they then got to take their produce to the market and get some money to buy a snack. And as an even bigger bonus, they got to keep the cute hats. All in all, it was a lot of fun. So let me introduce to you the Future Farmers of America.

And just to prove that we were indeed at the Indiana State Fair, here we are with a covered bridge.


Sarah said...

did you see the tigers?

Becky said...

we saw them but we didn't get to watch their show. =[