Thursday, August 28, 2008

Down on the farm

Y'all ready for a WEED'N?! Follow us on down the road!

Here is the beautiful bride before she is given away.

(Insert a picture of the bride and groom together here. I swear they were together, I swear they took pictures together, but for some reason, me and my camera were no where around. Bummer!)

On to the party! And a party it would not be without a little Texas Hold'em! (That's the groom in the purple shirt).

And now my husband after a little Hold'em. He won! Good man, good man!

The games didn't stop there. There were washers, horse shoes, corn hole and that ball/string game that Shelby has. Here's David playing washers with Josh.

David sure did have a good time. I caught him for just a minute. He gave me a quick grin, and then was off again!

When I asked Madelyn to pause for a grin, this was all I got.

Funny, that's all I got from Uncle Phil too! =]

Here's Mom under the tent. We all sat there most of the time, because it seemed to be coolest place around.

And to just prove that I was there and that it was hot!

There was a good time had by all. There was even some 4-wheeling down to the 'crik'. The food was good, the company was good. Can't get much better than that. Well, except for the bride doing a little chicken dance!

The Chicken Dance

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Marla said...

Who plays cards with a magician? Of course he is going to win, his hands are too fast and he probably always carries a deck of cards. Way to go Daniel!