Saturday, August 30, 2008

Choo choo!

On Sunday on our way home from Illinois we stopped by a train museum in Monticello. David and Madelyn both loved walking through some of the old cars. We saw the old coaches and sleep cars. Some of the bathrooms on those things looked even smaller than airplane bathrooms, if that's possible. One of the neatest cars was the old mail car. Very cool how they would ride through town and pick up the mail.

They have a train that rides into downtown Monticello you can take a trip on. Here is David at the depot awaiting it's return.

It's finally here!

It even had a little red caboose. Of course it's the same one in David's favorite book The Little Red Caboose.

David thought the conductor was cool. He keeps the train right on time.

Madelyn and David both were mesmerized by the engine.

We are planning on heading back when we have more time. It sure was a fun place to visit!

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