Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little lesson...

This summer I have had some problems with my Clematis vine. It did well in the spring with several blooms then it just turned brown and appeared to die. This afternoon I was out on the porch waiting for Daniel to return and relieve me of kid duties. I said a little prayer about a dr. appointment I was getting ready to go to and then I noticed this.

If you look real close you'll notice the stem is dead, the leaves are either dead or dying, but the most beautiful bloom has popped out.

It just reminded me that sometimes in life we can feel like nothing is going right. Like God doesn't appear to be moving and we can feel spiritually dry. But if we remain rooted in Him, no matter our feelings, He will reveal Himself in the most dismal of circumstances and He will remain true.

Thank you God. I trust in You and I love You. And no matter what this life may bring, I choose to remain in You and You alone.

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Diane said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! I love it when God shows us something so beautiful in our lives. Thanks for sharing. It spoke to me too.