Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first sleepover

Today has been an eventful day. After spending the morning at Mom's group we came home to have a quiet afternoon. Around 3:00 Heidi called. This morning she was not at Mom's group because Aaron was home from school. He was having some pain in his stomach. She was at the medical center here in Avon and Aaron was undergoing a CT scan to rule out an appendicitis. She asked if we could watch Rachel as it looked to be a long afternoon. I went and picked up Rachel and she came to play. Aaron ended up having surgery to have his appendix removed so Rachel stayed for supper. Aaron is doing well and Heidi is staying with him tonight. Someone was going to come and get Rachel late tonight but instead we decided she could just stay for a sleep over. Madelyn was very excited to get a bed buddy. They looked so cute going to bed. And to top it all off, as I kissed them good night and started to leave, Rachel said 'Aunt Becky I like staying here. It's fun.' Awww!

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Heidi said...

From the bottom of my heart - THANKS!