Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lovin' the weather!

Saturday was such a beautiful day. Daniel was working so the kids and I decided to get out and enjoy one of the last nice days of the season. We packed a lunch and headed to Avon Township Park to walk some trails. We had a great time! The trails have beautiful places to pause and take some pictures.

My children befriended a park worker planting some trees and using their charm and cute smiles got to sit on the big tractor.

Madelyn was overjoyed.

David thought he was big stuff!

Here's Mommy's attempt at a good scenery picture.

I was so content walking through these beautiful trails and enjoying the warm weather and gorgeous colors. My kids were running and laughing. They were on their best behavior. We talked about the seasons, the birds and bugs we heard. We befriended a park worker and even met a nice woman named Barb and her dog Izzy who shared in our walk. Our God is an amazing God and it humbles me to see the blessings He has given. Glory to Him!

This proves my point that they were on their best behavior!

And finally a video to summarize our day! Thank you David and Madelyn for a wonderful Saturday afternoon!

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