Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, we got packed up and headed to Illinois to visit my parents for Christmas Eve. I wasn't feeling the best before we left but had had little sleep due to some late nights and thought I just needed a good snooze. I slept most of the way there in the van. When we arrived I felt a little better. That evening my sister Lori and her husband Chris, PJ and Chris's parents Bob and Rosie joined us for Christmas Eve dinner and presents. We usually have a house full but due to weather threats we were missing about 10 others. Good thing too since I spent the rest of the night in bed with a stomach virus. Merry Christmas to me. I was able to enjoy seeing my parents open their presents from the kids.

Dad had told me about a book that his teacher had read to him in Elementary school. He couldn't remember the name of it but knew it was about a boy named Bartholomew who was told to take his hat off and each time he did another was still on his head. He loved this story but had never found it or could find anyone who could remember the name. Well, I found the book. The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. It was actually a Dr. Seuss book published in 1939. I had fun watching him open it!

For my Mom I made one of the picture books from It had pictures from birth to present and included a lot of pictures with my parents. It made my Mom cry. Success! HAHA!

Madelyn received a dress-up trunk and several dresses this Christmas. She loves to dress up and will have a great time! My Princess!

We usually head to Daniel's parents house Christmas Eve night to wake up Christmas Day there. But because we were off schedule due to weather and because I was sick in bed we stayed the night. The kids were sporting their new Christmas Jammies.

The doll she's holding got to sleep with her that night INSTEAD of the coveted Pig she's carried around since her first Easter. This is a good Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Off to round 3!

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