Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday we went to visit Grandpa Lusk. We met him at Grandma's Kitchen for lunch. Grandpa and David were discussing the finer points of tractors.

We then went back to his house to visit some more. Daniel showed him some magic. Grandpa Lusk is the one to give Daniel his first gospel magic set. He had some more books to add to his collection. The kids had fun and we had a good visit.

Madelyn found a new friend. She loved to ride King, Grandpa's dog.

We drove back to the feed barn and looked at the cows. We also went to Uncle Bill's and tried to track down a pig for Madelyn, but they were too far away and it was too muddy to get back to them. Maybe next time. We headed home after that. We ran into some nasty rain but made it home safely. The kids were glad to be in their own beds. I've got lots of work to do the next few days catching up on laundry and finding all our new things a home. We had a Merry Christmas and hope you did too! In all the hu-bub I hope you didn't lose the true meaning. The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you God for your amazing gift. I'm humbled by the simple beginnings of our King. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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