Friday, July 17, 2009

Me-maw and Pa-paw's House

Me-maw has got a huge garden. She has some flowers, tomatoes, squash, pole beans and green beans, beets, carrots, corn and lots of other stuff I can't remember. Her yard is not quite big enough for what she wanted, but a friend of theirs has a huge yard that she does her planting in. We went on over to check and see what was ready for the pickin'.

David was able to see how some of our veggies grow. He still doesn't quite understand that the carrots grow underground, but he was able to help pick some squash and beans.

Madelyn was skipping and dancing down the rows. She was pretending to be a garden fairy I believe.

David and Madelyn helping Me-maw with their basket of goodies from the garden.

Awhile back, Me-maw found a neat little item at Sears. It's the ABC Extreme Home Make-over doll house. This was cool! We got to put the house together and do all the decorating. It even came with some paint (we custom-designed the pillow and curtains in the living room), and some other stuff like clay where you could make and paint your own pottery or food, and even some stuff to weave the back of the kitchen chairs with some yarn. We didn't go to that EXTREME, but we did have a good time building the house. Of course, that was more mine and Ruth Ann's fun. The kids had fun playing with the finished product!

Madelyn was pretty proud of her house. The girl loves doll houses!

The living room....

And the kitchen....

One morning, Me-maw hooked up the hose and we put the kids in their suits.

David had fun manipulating the sprinkler to spray Madelyn. Typical brotherly love!

Madelyn had fun playing with long as she didn't get too close!

We had a great trip. And of course, no trip would be complete without some good quality lap time. Pa-paw was there too of course. Somehow he wasn't around when the camera was out. But he did some loving and wrestling too. The kids had a great time! I'm grateful we could go spend some time making memories. Thanks Me-maw and Pa-paw!

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