Thursday, July 16, 2009

We love Raccoon Lake!

This week we spent a day at Raccoon Lake beach. Even though the water was murky, you just can't beat a day of sun, sand and water! This year the kids jumped right in and were fearless. This beach is nice, because you have to get out a long way before the water gets much deeper. Nice when you have kiddies under 4 foot tall.

A few years ago, I could not get David to get in the water for anything. He wouldn't even let me take him in. This year, was a much different day. He had a blast!

Madelyn and her friend Brooke splashing in the water...

David spent just as much time on the beach playing in the sand as he did in the water I think. Here he is with Alli digging for treasure.

After the beach we went to Pa-paw and Me-maw's for a few days. Stay tuned for some more summer fun!

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