Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just one more Christmas post....

Christmas Eve at my parents house.

I love this picture of Dad and Hunter. They're both in plaid!!

Madelyn, David, Gracie, Josie and Anna
David's a little out numbered with girls. They spent most of the night running from him. And then at one point they were playing beauty shop in my Dad's computer chair. David was getting sprayed with perfume and getting some lipstick and a new hair do. Poor guy!!

Madelyn at Memaw's. Notice the sparkly pink purse on her shoulder and purple sparkly mirror she found in her stocking.

Putting on make-up with Mom before church.

And caught admiring herself in a mirror....that girl is such a Princess!

The Sunday after Christmas was the last Sunday at Ashmore for Don and Ruth Ann. We were dressed in our Christmas outfits and had to have a family picture.

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