Tuesday, February 23, 2010

David's magical debut

Daniel found out awhile back that Garry Carson was going to be in Brownsburg for an illusion show. Daniel called him up and had lunch with him last week, then we went and saw his show on Sunday afternoon. When we arrived, Garry said that David was the perfect age for one of his acts and he would probably use him as a helper. As a mother and magician's wife, I was a little nervous. Sometimes helpers can become so shy the act does not go so well, or they can become a little too excited and/or obnoxious and not be the best assistant either. With David being familiar with magic, I wasn't sure what he would do.

To get him up on stage, Garry carried around a bucket with 2 drum sticks. Garry would hit the bucket, and then he had a few other people hit the same bucket and it just didn't make the same sound. Then he gets to David, who is sitting nicely in his seat. David hits the bucket and it made the same sound. Garry backed up and hit the bucket again, David gets up and hits the bucket. Garry and David hit the bucket back and forth all the way up to center stage. David was having such a great time with the bucket, I don't think he realized he was part of the show until he turned around and saw the audience. His reactions was priceless!!

Momma had nothing to worry about. The kid was hilarious! His reactions were genuine and Garry commented that since he had such a great personality he would use him for 2 tricks. David did great and got lots of compliments after the show. He ate it up! I'm afraid he might have just fallen in love with the stage, just like his Daddy.

After the show, we got to go back stage to see the leopard and black panther that Garry uses during his show. The kids thought that was pretty cool. There are some fun perks with this life we live. :)

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