Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lord, how do you do it?

In Sunday School today we talked a little about forgiveness. A poem I wrote back in March last year based on Matthew 18 came to mind.

I've found that sometimes, you can extend forgiveness to someone, and think that it is over. You've forgiven, you feel better and the offender (if he even had a clue you extended this courtesy) is OK as well. But sometimes, we can let the bitter root begin to grow again. Maybe through our own thoughts, or maybe because the offender keeps offending over and over. I think that is where Peter's question originated from. And Jesus's answer and example is shown to us through grace and mercy on a daily basis. Many times Jesus has had to forgive me for the same offense, just because I can't seem to get it right. Can we truly be like Christ when it comes to forgiveness? I believe only through His help, daily if need be, can we attain that Righteousness.

Lord, how do you do it?
How do you forgive?

Do you think that you can teach me
The perfect life you lived?

I've tried to pursue it,
I've tried to let love win.
But every time I seem to get close,
Another offense creeps in.

I've read your Word
and know
the answer that you gave
A serious question by a serious man
Peter was his name.

He asked how many times should we forgive
a brother who sins against us.
He thought he'd give a hint of answer
in his seven times suggestion.

I think I can almost hear Your voice,
Your answer was so clear
Seventy times seven Peter

...forever my dear.

I can only imagine his feelings
after the answer that You gave.
My Lord, how do you do it?
Can you teach me to forgive?

(Matthew 18)

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