Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a taste....

Another 5 or so inches of snow today and so Daniel decided to take the kids sledding for the first time this year. The kids were so excited and had a great time.

Unfortunately, Daniel got a taste of what the teenage years may be like for the girls.

Madelyn always seemed to find some teenage boy to help her back up the hill and carry her sled.

Can you tell by her face she is enjoying every minute?? Now, these boys apparently know how to play things a little too. Apparently there were also quite a few teenage girls around that thought it was soooo sweet they would help a little girl back up the hill. Either way, Madelyn had fun and enjoyed all the attention. When she got home, she told me "Those boys always help me".

Yeah, she's a diva!

David on the other hand had a blast. You can see the joy all over his face.

But you don't think he could let Madelyn have all the fun do you??

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Amy said...

Loving that Madelyn had all the teenage boys!